Other Media

I work in many mediums including charcoal, pastel, watercolor and several types of prints. I am an addicted sketcher, compiling stacks of sketchbooks with drawings of everything from figurative work to horses, still lifes, and reams of my favored subject of landscapes.

While drawings, charcoals and pastels offer my work a more immediate feel by their very Nature, my watercolors are done over long periods of time building layers up to create deeper colors. I create a number of linocuts from time to time but have also practiced lithography, etching, and monoprinting.

Stained Glass

I began working on stained glass in 1982 and built several windows with a friend under the name of Happy House. We worked for over three years from one commission to the next, learning the process along the way. One of my main interests was using clear glass within the windows, in order to better use the actual landscape and its changing light and colors beyond the design. Since about 1985 I hadn't made any windows, but in November of 2003 I had the opportunity to restore a couple of windows and create a design, which got my interest started anew.

I have since started to play with the idea of turning paintings of mine into windows, not with the idea of creating space and light within the image but as a flat representation of the composition. Using the idea of stained glass as color and light rather than a medium to display any illusionary space and the lead lines as design I am happily stumbling through a whole new way of making windows. I like the heavier lines of leaded glass breaking up the pieces and creating the structure and I am venturing out into bolder colors now that I have given up creating painterly space.


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