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The main focus of my paintings for the past 25 or so years has been landscape. I am an outdoors person, I like to get out and see things in all seasons, times of day and in every type of weather. Getting out into Nature is a spiritual experience and painting my experiences is a form of my devotion, a meditation on what has come through me. I find light to be infinitely more interesting than the human condition. When a low sunrise light breaks across a gnarled branch of an old Cedar tree, with the smell of the Pine woods and feel of the cold wind on my back playing into the whole scene, I am filled with a deep rooted need to express this kind of image. To conjure this up in a sketch on the spot and a painting back in the studio is a commitment I have made and continue to work through. Landscape painting is a long process of reliving memories and developing the moods and light that makes places come to life.